In a connected world, people want to deal directly with governments, driven by the possibilities opened up by new technology.

Products and Services

ARVO … Our Governance Tool

In politics today, election results and economic development have a direct relationship. Being able to plan and govern efficiently while ensuring continuing political success requires competent data gathering, analysis and strategic foresight.

ARVO enables Government Leadership view development plans within the context of political landscapes. It provides strikingly valuable insights to help inform good governance in all sectors i.e. Education, Infrastructure, Healthcare, etc.

Campaign Services

We effectively execute personalized election campaigns to help our clients prepare better for the race. Our list of services include:

  • Primary Election Package (PEP)
    Run a successful primary election with relevant data at the very core. This service helps aspirants participating in Primary Elections view, influence and predict electoral outcomes.
  • General Election Package (GEP)
    Subscribers to the GEP enjoy end-to-end data-driven campaign advisory supported by our custom-built ARVOTM  platform.
  • Situation Room Package (SRP)
    Our SRP ensures that there are no surprises on election day.
  • Add-On Packages
    Please contact our Team to find out more about our add-on advisory services.

Data Analytics Services

We offer a wide range of comprehensive data collection and analysis services. Our Project Team go the extra mile to gather data from hard to reach sources e.g. inaccessible communities, while our Data Scientists process the data to deliver actionable insights tailored to the needs of our clients. This includes digitizing paper-based data to create innovative solutions.

Revenue Services

This is our most successful service to date creating an increase of over 500% in revenue generated at LGA level within a Nigerian state. The VIISAUS IGR App works as a powerful tool to monitor and drive Internally Generated Revenue increase through effective performance and attendance tracking of revenue officers underpinned by artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

Job Creation Support Services

We work with State Governments and MDAs to develop human resource skills for enhancing and diversifying the knowledge and competencies of workers through training and functional literacy so that there is a better match between demand and supply.

Security Incident Management Application (SIMA)

If ensuring the security of a state is the first function of government – then SIMA is a long overdue enhancement within Nigeria. Enabling its users to view security incidents from a high (map based) level, identify trends, hotspot locations and predict the time and location of future incidents, this solution (combined with political will) can usher in a new era of law enforcement in the country.

Let us help you automate and simplify your incident reporting systems, making access controls easier to monitor and manage.


EdQuest is an educational tool that helps students, parents and teachers make better decisions using Artificial Intelligence (AI). EdQuest comprises of a question bank, a performance prediction tool and a league table.

  • The Question Bank features thousands of practice test questions for standardised examinations aligned to the Nigerian school curriculum
  • The Performance Prediction Tool is an Artificial Intelligence engine that analyses student performance and prediction results for standardized exams such as WAEC & NECO
  • The League Table is a system that rates schools based on their academic performance thus enabling parents/guardians choose the best schools for their children and wards

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